Hello all!

So, it’s been a pretty nice week since I blogged last. Here’s a tiny recap…

Weekend: sushi with some of my favorite people ever and pool party! Sun, food, beer and mango daiquiris…all in abundance.

Monday-Today: helped teach early morning swimming lessons, had a “questionable” personal training session (possible future blog), house to myself for a few days, lunch with the bestie, shopping, froyo and Zumba with the same bestie and drinks and WalkOns later tonight.

See! Pretty nice right? I love summer time.

Something else pretty legit? I’ve worked out EVERYDAY this week. I froze my gym membership during the semester because I knew I wouldn’t have much time to use it and also, the new workout facilities on campus are awesome. Well, June 1st was my first official day back at the gym and I’ve been there everyday since! I forgot how much I love free weights. I had been running at home and doing DVDs, but nothing compares. I’m so happy to be back! 

Also, last week I purchased a 1/2 price (20 class) punch card at the Zumba studio that I go to. Shake it!!

Unfortunately, with all the working out and running, comes the shin splints. Do these things EVER get better? I’m so tired of complaining about them and I’m trying to just run through the pain hoping that the supporting muscles will strengthen and help out, but no such luck so far. I iced them last night and I foam rolled today. By the way, who ever invented foam rolling is a bitter, mean, angry person! OUCH! I’ve looked up a lot of information on how to combat shin splints, but I haven’t found anything to really help. Oh well…

So basically, I’ve been a ball of sweat this week. AND I LOVE IT!



Well, I’m off to get ready for drinks with the girls. I may have to limp into the restaurant…but I wouldn’t miss it!




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