High Five!

Linking up again today!


From My Grey Desk is one of my favorite blogs. Lauren hosts this link up every friday and I always look forward to it! I’m gonna try to keep this on the schedule for the future. Here are a few highlights from my week. Enjoy! 🙂


1. 4 days of sweaty backs! I’ve gotten a lot of cardio and weights in this week and I’m feeling great because of it!


2. Our weekly girls night: Bachelorette and WalkOns! A reason to look forward to Monday! (Photo source)


3. Supermarket laughs. Panburger Partner? Reminiscent of “Hamburger Helper,” nahhh! Take a look at the ingredient list of this pull-apart bread. Who knew?


4. With hard work comes reward, right? Had a few treats from Katie Bakes. A key lime cupcake and an apple pie cake pop! SO worth the calories!


5. My creation from today! Strawberry, plum and SPINACH protein smoothie. I was terrified to try it because of the color, but it was delicious and very filling!  (I know my hair is looking fantastic, hands off boys!…just kidding, please excuse the post-workout single strand ‘do)


Have a great weekend!



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